By expelling dissenters in his caucus, Kenney reinforces the Canadian political tradition of strict party discipline to the detriment of representative system

The two expelled MLAs: Todd Loewen (Left) and Drew Barnes (Right) (Source: The Canadian Press)

A couple days ago, Premier Jason Kenney expelled MLAs Todd Loewen and Drew Barnes — two prominent critics of Kenney — after they called for his resignation. The two MLAs viewed the COVID-19 restrictions as too strict and criticized Kenney’s domineering leadership over the UCP caucus. So, at first glance, this may be heralded as a win for pro-restriction politics. But even if one is the most ardent supporter of public health measures against the pandemic or an…

Guilbeault’s record of regulating speech is troubling when placed in its philosophical and political history

Houses of Parliament, London by Claude Monet (Source: Art Institute of Chicago)

Much has been said about Heritage Minister’s Steven Guilbeault Bill C-10, a bill which will bring social media under the regulation of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. This bill is one of many reshaping our freedom of speech. While Guilbeault defends the bill by stating that this regulatory power will only be used to promote Canadian content — a dubious goal at that — his record and rhetoric reveal a deeply alarming agenda.

Just a couple months ago, Guilbeault unveiled an “online harms” bill…

When adjusting for population and development, China’s carbon emissions are more justified than Canada’s

Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole announcing his “Secure the Environment” plan (Source: Adrian Wyld)

Out of the convoluted mess that was Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole’s climate plan, one policy stood out as promising, as a potentially effective policy and something conservatives can rally behind: the “carbon border adjustment tariff.” The tariff would be imposed on products coming from “bad actor countries” — those that do not regulate carbon pollution. O’Toole singled out China specifically as a “bad actor.” It is no wonder such a policy is popular. After all, what hot-blooded Canadian wouldn’t like patriotic tariffs and the opportunity…

By tying the carbon tax to income tax cuts, the Conservatives can both tackle climate change and remain committed to small government

Premier Doug Ford’s mandatory anti-carbon tax stickers (Source: @GregRickford)

Conservatives have been divided on Party Leader Erin O’Toole’s plan to impose a carbon levy. On one hand, it is a much-needed invigoration after the Party had lost two elections back-to-back running on an anti-carbon tax platform. On the other hand, many fear that such a tax betrays the conservative principle of limited government. While this conflict may seem intractable, the two positions can be reconciled into one.

O’Toole’s plan comes in the wake of the Conservative Party’s…

Arnav Bandekar

An Albertan observer of politics and the economy

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